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"One of Michaels's gifts is his ability to make Mindfulness practical and relevant to you as an individual."
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one to one mindfulness training

Busy people aren't always able to meet the requirements of a course. Their diaries might be too tight to allow for the regularity that a course demands and they may not be able to fit into a common schedule of homepractice.


Nonetheless we have had considerable success in working one-to-one with senior people, helping them to find ways of incorporating different forms of regular mindfulness training into their busy lives.


Typically, such training might begin with a three hour face-to-face consultation during which the client is introduced to the benefits of mindfulness training, in theory and by way of experiential practice. The client then describes the outcomes they want from the training and what their daily schedule looks like. In conjunction with the coach / trainer, an experimental  programme of practice for the first week of training is developed.


After that, by way of weekly mindfulness coaching sessions of approximately one hour that programme of practice is developed and refined until the point where the client feels they have had sufficient training to keep it alive on their own.

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client comment

"Michael's extensive knowledge and wisdom about the theory and practice of mindfulness was manifest throughout our eight-week training.  His calm demeanour and groundedness helped to anchor our learning experience.  But even more than that, I know that Michael has given us some powerful tools, grounded in cutting-edge scientific research. That is what makes it so exciting."

Civil Service Coach