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"The sessions also provoked me further in a wider personal context and a wiser more measured approach to engaging with people and business issues."
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mindfulness leadership training

Great leaders see things clearly. They are aware of themselves, others and the world around them. They are able to direct their awareness internally: aware of their thoughts, feelings and sensations, they are better able to manage their own mind-states and reactions. They are also able to direct their awareness externally. They have an objectivity that reduces the natural human tendency towards "confirmation bias" - the tendency we all have to favour information that confirms our own preconceptions or hypotheses.  And they are aware of others. Great leaders have a high level of concern for their people and associates and take an active interest in their well-being and development.


Whatever else may be going on, great leaders remain true to themselves and that authenticity provides them with an essential aura of trustworthiness. Their people, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders know where they stand with them.


Some people come to their leadership tasks with these capacities already well-developed. But we know from research that whatever the starting point, mindfulness training strengthens and develops these qualities.


Mindful leaders are self-aware, ethical, clear-sighted and relationally transparent. They are trusted and they are effective.


Our Mindful Leadership training course can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or to groups.

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client comment

"The course material has provided me with new ways of seeing things and the practices have helped me to develop skills and strategies for responding to stress. But the most potent ingredient for me has been the one to one sessions with Michael and the kindness and acceptance with which he has greeted everything that I have brought. This has been a teaching that has been received directly by my heart."

Joy Mackeith: Triangle Consulting